10 Creative and Beautiful Web Projects with HTML and CSS

10 Creative and Beautiful Web Projects with HTML and CSS


Welcome to the brand new course, where you can learn about how to build creative and beautiful web projects, we will build together 10 different creative web projects with pure HTML and CSS.

If you have some basic knowledge of these technologies and still you have some trouble creating your own web projects, or if you want to level up your developer and designer skills, then you come to the right place.

Hi, I’m George and this is Lasha.

We are code and create with a couple of years of experience in web development and web design.

We are authors of several best-selling courses on Udemy with thousands of happy students.

We created this course in order to give students the best experience in HTML and CSS and allow them to build beautiful creative projects.

We will build 10 different web projects and they will be full of modern, nice, and beautiful effects and designs.

We will start with relatively simple projects and we will go through some advanced ones as well.

We can guarantee you that you will gain solid experience and knowledge in creating really nice and cool effects after completing this course.

Using this course, you can get the inspirations that will help you to enhance your projects and customize your portfolio.

Mastering just these core technologies of Front-end web development, you can create awesome and modern themes and simply get hired.


1. Jumping Square

2. Landing Page

3. Ball Animation

4. Animated Earth

5. Flower

6. Atom Animation

7. Helicopter

8. Bicycle

9. 3D Room

10. 3D Swing


Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to practice in HTML and CSS
  • Students who have the basic knowledge of Front End Web Development and want to develop their skills
  • Students who want develop Web Design skills


  • Text Editor
  • Modern Web Browser
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Last Updated 2/2022

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