Learn the fundamentals of ZENER DIODES & LEDs and learn how they work with proper circuit designing.This course will be very helpful for students with great interest towards science.Finally ,the course is so designed that if anyone goes from lecture 1 to last lecture the entire subject can be thoroughly understood easily.So lets have a highlight of the entire course quickly-

  • Learn the basics of ZENER Diodes.
  • how we can relate the voltage across it and current through it.
  • Designing a circuit using Zener Diode keeping in mind the design limitations.
  • circuit explanation using an example for clear understanding.
  • Problem for students to solve as use.
  • Discussion on FAQs for competitive approach.
  • Learn the principle of operation of LEDs.
  • Thorough discussion on its advantages, main features and applications.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for those who love electronics and circuit designing with Diodes.


  • Basic knowledge of science
  • Basic knowledge regarding voltage,current and resistance
  • Fundamental ideas of Semiconductor
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