14-Day Power Pilates

14-Day Power Pilates


Power up your Pilates routine with this 14-day beginner series. These 20-minute workouts are designed to build holistic strength, push your endurance, and challenge you to show up for yourself every day. You’ll start the series slow with foundational movements, then build the intensity with higher reps, challenging combinations, and power rounds. Expect that classic Pilates burn with quick bursts of cardio and optional props to build a beautiful sweat. By the end of the series, you’ll feel strong, accomplished, and connected to your body in a whole new way.

In this series, you will

  • Energize your workout routine with 14 days of beginner Pilates workouts
  • Improve your strength, flexibility, posture, and core stability
  • Create a daily Pilates habit to support your fitness goals


  • Ball, Weights, Ankle Weights, Resistance Band

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