Ready accept the R Programming Challenge?

Want to analyze and get insights from your datasets?

This Course is for You!!!

You will learn R programming in a very interactive way. I will be explaining to you each line of code. You do not need any prior experience in coding. Anyone can start learning. We will start with R Programming and R-Studio set up on the computer thereafter I will be teaching you fundamentals of R Programming.

In this course, you learn:

  • How to install R-Packages
  • How to work with R-data types
  • What is R DataFrame, Matrices, Vectors etc.

This course is in development. 20+ hours of lectures will be added to the course. Kindly, keep checking regularly.




Who this course is for:

  • Data Scientist Beginners
  • R Programmers
  • Data Scientist who codes in R
  • Data Analyst who codes in R
  • Data Scientist managers, executives or students


  • Anyone interested to become a Data Scientist or Data Analyst
  • No prerequisites require
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