This course will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing how to provide these skills for yourself: 

Photography & Photoshop | How to Use a Camera, Portraits, & Product Shots. Learn How to take stunning photos and how to edit them yourself in photoshop.

Video Production & Video Editing | How to Film, How to Tell Story, The basics of Video Editing, & learn Lighting for photography & video production.

Web Design | Learn how to build your own wordpress website from scratch. Learn how to setup your hosting and customize your template

Digital Marketing | Learn Essential SEO strategies, GMB SEO to rank higher, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Facebook Ads

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
  • Beginners in Photography, Video Production, Marketing, WordPress Web Design, SEO, Video Editing, and Photoshop


  • Be Ready to Have an Entrepreneural Mindset
  • For Photography and Videography you’ll want access to a camera or nice cell phone
  • For Web Design you will need to pay for a domain and web hosting
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