A Beginner’s Guide to Numerical Methods in MATLAB


This course is about Numerical Methods and covers some of the popular methods and approaches being used daily by mathematicians and everyone involved in computation.

This course will teach you about

  • How computers store numbers: what is floating point, what is precision and accuracy.
  • The kinds of errors you are likely to encounter when applying numerical methods, and how to minimize them.
  • One- and Two-Point iterative methods
  • Interpolation and Curve Fitting
  • Numerical Differentiation and Integration

This course consists of the following materials:

  • Video lectures, covering both the theory as well as demonstrating practical computer applications
  • MATLAB files that you can download and run
  • Quizzes related to the covered topics

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone interested in the numerical methods and their applications for solving real-world problems
  • Engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and finance people will enjoy this course


  • Basic math knowledge
  • Fundamental knowledge of computing
  • Some familiarity with MATLAB is required to follow the examples

Last Updated 4/2016

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