Advanced Malware Analysis: Redux


The Malware Analysis: Redux course equips participants to handle complex malware analysis tasks by reacquainting them with key analysis topics and exercises.


Attendees should have a knowledge of malware analysis core concepts, a working malware analysis lab and a skill set in x86, x64 architecture and Windows APIs. A software development background is also recommended.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Triage malicious software
  • Understand the static and dynamic analysis process
  • Decipher file formats
  • Extract malware artifacts
  • Understand malware’s functionality
  • Learn about obfuscation techniques
  • Debug malware
  • Understand x86 and x64 Architecture
  • Understand assembly language
  • Learn about control structures
  • Disassemble malware
  • Unpack Malware
  • Learn how to hunt for malware in memory

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