A complete introduction to how video games are produced from what a game producer does everyday to how to build and maintain a backlog, how marketing affects your production plans to the ethics of being a producer, and a whole bunch more.

This course is set up for anyone interested in how video games are produced, from fresh producers to game design and production students and indeed anyone who just wants to have a look behind the curtain of video game production.

In the course we go through a set of lectures covering all areas of game production, complete with exercises you can try, and at the end we take what we’ve learned and run through an example project, which can act as a proxy for your own game.

By the end of the course you should be equipped to plan and produce your own video game in a conscientious way, aware of and now able to avoid all the pitfalls and problems most teams have to experience for themselves.

You get lifetime access to this course for one fee, and the instructor is an experienced games industry producer who’s worked on some of the biggest games ever released (like GTA V & Cyberpunk 2077) and wants to share the knowledge they’ve gained so you can make your own projects in a safer, less risky way.

What this course ISN’T:

  • We discuss the skills of a video game producer and all the essential knowledge required to PLAN your project effectively, this course is notfocused on BUILDING a game (check Udemy for other awesome courses on how to use Unity or Unreal to build a game!)

Who this course is for:

  • Game development students
  • New video game producers
  • Anyone who’d like to get into the industry as a producer
  • Gamers who want to see behind the curtain a little
  • Journalists who may want to do some extra research into the role of a game producer


  • A device to be able to view and listen to the lectures
  • A PDF reader on your device
  • Office Software of any kind
  • A notepad and pen
  • That’s it, you’re good to go!
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