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Have you ever get back to your old code, saying oh god only you knows what this code means?! what a painful feeling!

Forget about it, you will never face it again with Android Clean Architecture. Let’s build self-documented Android apps.

Not long ago, Android development was about “Activities” and messy structures. Codes in all types and shapes were written in one class. Dark times!

But, like every topic in Computer Science, Android development had grown a lot through these years. Especially the introduction of Android Architecture Components.

If you’re an Android developer like us, you want to always keep learning, master new skills, and ultimately achieve your career goals. Then make sure to enroll in this course and learn about Android best architectures.

So, welcome to our course Android Clean Architecture & SOLID Principles using Kotlin!. The silver bullet for your all coding troubles.

We focus here on how to create  robust, long-living, well-designed, testable, maintainable Android apps.

Once you enroll to our course, you will be able to download a ready-to-use Android clean architecture app template for easing your coming projects creation.

Through our course we will build code samples from scratch to apply all the concepts we learned in the earlier videos.

After completing this course, you will be able to build robust, long-living, well-designed, testable, maintainable Android apps. Your code will be clean, reusable and self-documented.

If you are in any level of Android Development, Believe us, you should not miss this experience. Enroll with us now.
We are waiting for you to share your suggestions and have fruitful technical discussions!

Here are some topics you will learn in this course:

– SOLID Principles

– Clean Architecture


– Room

– Dependency Injection (Dagger 2)

– Reactive Programming

No more dark times let’s start a new Bright Age!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Expert Android Developers.
  • Curious students who looking forward to learning more advanced design techniques.
  • Android developers who want to write an easy to maintain, testable and self-documented apps.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about any topic mentioned in the course description.


  • Be eager to learn and practice new Android development trends.
  • Android development basics.
  • OOP.
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