API Design Patterns, Video Edition

API Design Patterns, video edition


In Video Editions the narrator reads the book while the content, figures, code listings, diagrams, and text appear on the screen. Like an audiobook that you can also watch as a video.

A concept-rich book on API design patterns. Deeply engrossing and fun to read.
Satej Sahu, Honeywell

A collection of best practices and design standards for web and internal APIs.In API Design Patterns you will find:

  • Guiding principles for API patterns
  • Fundamentals of resource layout and naming
  • Handling data types for any programming language
  • Standard methods that ensure predictability
  • Field masks for targeted partial updates
  • Authentication and validation methods for secure APIs
  • Collective operations for moving, managing, and deleting data
  • Advanced patterns for special interactions and data transformations

API Design Patterns reveals best practices for building stable, user-friendly APIs. These design patterns can be applied to solve common API problems and flexibly altered to fit your specific needs. Hands-on examples and relevant use-cases illustrate patterns for API fundamentals, advanced functionalities, and even uncommon scenarios.

about the technology

APIs are contracts that define how applications, services, and components communicate. API design patterns provide a shared set of best practices, specifications and standards that ensure APIs are reliable and simple for other developers to use. This book collects and explains the most important patterns from both the API design community and the experts at Google.

about the book

API Design Patterns lays out a set of design principles for building internal and public-facing APIs. Google API expert JJ Geewax presents patterns that ensure your APIs are consistent, scalable, and flexible. You’ll improve the design of the most common APIs, plus discover techniques for tricky edge cases. Precise illustrations, relevant examples, and detailed scenarios make every pattern clear and easy to understand.

Released 7/2021

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