APIs: The basics and more

APIs The basics and more


This course includes the BIG PICTURE, with all the essential components of APIs that you need to know about. Learn all about APIsREST and SOAP, HTTP Requests, XML, JSON and Web Services the easy way! APIs are growing fast in popularity due to their major importance in the web space of all the businesses and if you’re in IT, it’s essential you have knowledge of them, so you can improve your technical abilities and chances to land a good job.

If you are a beginner, or if you have some knowledge of APIs but need to solidify your knowledge overall or on a specific topic, this course is for you. I will carefully explain in detail, starting from scratch all the topics I mentioned before, and your API foundation will be stronger than ever after finishing it.

No programming experience is required, but technical writers with programming experience who want to know more about REST APIs will still find it useful.

Topics covered include:

-What’s an API

-API Good Practices

-What’s a Web Service

-Comparison: Web Service and API

-HTTP Requests and Responses



-Comparison: JSON and XML



-Comparison: SOAP and REST

-API Security


-OAuth Example

-Authentication and Authorization

-How you can actually make a request to a public API

Thanks for reading my introduction! This is about YOUR time and making the most of it! Good luck to you and hope to see you in the course! Alex!

Who this course is for:

  • You want to learn about at least one or ALL of the following subjects: API, Web Service, HTTP, JSON, XML, HTTP, REST, SOAP, OAuth


  • There are no prerequisites for this course!

Last Updated 9/2022

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