Applied AI: Getting Started with Hugging Face Transformers

Applied AI Getting Started with Hugging Face Transformers


Using pretrained transformers for natural language processing (NLP) has become extremely popular among ML engineers and data scientists. If you work in the field, or even have a role adjacent to it, you need to stay apace with the latest innovative tools. In this course, instructor Kumaran Ponnambalam shows you how to take your AI skills to the next level using the repository of pretrained transformers available on the Hugging Face platform.

Explore strategies to leverage transformers for various use cases to solve complex problems and deliver consistent, timely results. Kumaran shows you how to implement two simple NLP use cases—sentiment analysis and named entity recognition—utilizing pretrained transformers from Hugging Face and customizing them as you go. Upon completing this course, you’ll be prepared to apply your new AI skills to projects in your current or future role.

Released 2/2023

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