Architectural Katas Fall 2022

Architectural Katas Fall 2022


About Architectural Katas: What could be better than practicing software architecture with your handpicked dream team of architects? Participants in Architectural Katas, moderated by Neal Ford and Mark Richards, work together in small groups of their choosing to solve a challenge an actual organization is facing. Everyone gets the chance to practice their craft with a real software architecture problem in a safe and social environment, and the finalists and winners earn well-deserved bragging rights (not to mention an intriguing line on their résumé). Plus a selected organization will have some of its gnarliest software architecture problems solved.

Series schedule:

Event 1: Kickoff – October 25, 2022 Meet the judges, hear all the details on how Architectural Katas works, learn more about the software architecture problem you’ll be solving, and get the chance to ask Neal and Mark any questions you may have.

New for Fall 2022! Discussion Forum with the Judges – October 28, 2022 Teams will be invited to a special one-hour discussion forum, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask the judges questions as you prepare your architectural solution.

Event 2: Semifinals and Architectural Presentation – November 18, 2022 Get a master class on presentation skills and learn how to successfully showcase software architecture plans to developers and stakeholders (and judges). You’ll also find out the top teams that will submit their video presentations for the final event.

Event 3: Finals – December 7, 2022 The top teams’ videos are shown, judges provide feedback, attendees vote for their favorite, and judges announce the winner.

New for Fall 2022! Discussion Forum with the Judges – December 9, 2022 Finalists will be invited to a special one-hour discussion forum, where you’ll be able to receive additional feedback from the judges about your team’s solution.

  • Identify and design architectural components
  • Explore techniques to analyze and select the right architecture patterns
  • Learn how to diagram and document an architectural solution
  • Develop better communication skills to champion architecture decisions to developers and stakeholders

Released 11/2022

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