Arduino IoT Cloud – Getting Started

Arduino IoT Cloud - Getting Started


Learn Arduino IoT Cloud to create IoT applications based on the Arduino MKR1010, the Arduino Nano 33 IoT, and the ESP32.
The Internet of Things is a term that describes systems that integrate sensors, processing, software and communications.

A typical Internet of Things application uses the Internet as the backbone for communications between microcontrollers, Cloud services, and smartphones.

The Arduino IoT Cloud is a development platform and infrastructure that makes it easy to create scalable Internet of Things application.

As a development platform, it offers the technology building blocks which we can use to build our application.

It also offers the infrastructure that supports the safe operation of our application.

The building blocks consist of the hardware that we can use to interface sensors and actuators with the Cloud infrastructure. Examples of this hardware are the Arduino boards that belong to the MKR family. These boards contain communications and encryption capabilities to ensure the safety of the application data.

The development platform also offers a programming editor that allows us to compose the program that runs on the Arduino boards, and a dashboard editor for creating dashboards that can display application data and provide interactivity with the IoT application.

Of course, the dashboard editor allows us to design dashboards that work in web browsers and on smartphones. This means that we can access our IoT application from any connected device.

The Arduino IoT Cloud infrastructure is what supports you application during its operation. It is responsible for interacting with the devices (meaning, the Arduino or other compatible boards), the smartphone or web-based dashboards, and any external cloud services, like IFTTT or Zapier.

You, as the creator of the IoT application, can create secure and scalable IoT application by leveraging your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and simple electronics. You don’t need to know anything about encryption, communications, MQTT, Wifi, or how to program a smartphone or server-side application. The Arduino IoT Cloud platform and infrastructure obscures all that so that you can concentrate on building your application.

The objective of this course is to help you leverage your existing knowledge of Arduino programming and simple electronics so that you can build your first IoT application on the Arduino IoT Cloud.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone wanting to create secure and scalable IoT applications.
  • You can be a hobbyist working on a home automation project, or a student working on an assignment or a teacher setting up an IoT lab in the school maker space.
  • You could be the founder of a startup creating a prototype for an awesome business idea, or a business owner interested in using IoT to automate and optimize your business operations.
  • You could be an engineer, researching a technology solution for your employer.


  • You should have working knowledge of the Arduino.
  • You should have working knowledge of the ESP32.

Last Updated 5/2022

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