AWS CodeStar Deep Dive

AWS CodeStar Deep Dive


In this course, AWS CodeStar Deep Dive, you’ll learn how this service helps speed up your DevOps roadmap by making the provisioning of both development and runtime workloads based on validated and modern templates incredibly easy.

First, you’ll explore what AWS CodeStar is and why it exists. Next, you’ll discover what other AWS services are hard at work behind the scenes, and how AWS CodeStar binds them all together. You’ll review the concept of a project and play around with the different types of projects that CodeStar supports.

Then, you’ll learn about some of the integrations with external tooling and other services that make it even easier to work with AWS CodeStar.

Finally, you’ll learn about some best practices to follow to help keep your AWS CodeStar workloads secure, consistent, and solid.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to use AWS CodeStar to create new DevOps projects on AWS, work on top of the pipelines it provides, and manage the projects around your solutions and architectures.

Released 1/2023

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AWS CodeStar Deep (2.7 GB) | Mirror

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