This series will go over all of the basics of programming using python three. We will be discussing the basic data types of python, operators, control flow structure and loops, functions, methods, defining our own functions and methods, arguments, parameters, and more! This series is designed for those who want to download or watch these videos ad free.

The course is structured to be a collection of small, easy to manage videos covering a single topic. They are all onscreen tutorials with my voice and explanations. These videos are designed as a series (meaning you watch them from 1 to the end), but I am very sure that you could use them as reference when needed.

More important than learning python is learning programming as a whole. This means that you learn how programs work and how we can use computer code to get an end result. In this series I attempted to do just that. Although for beginners, I do cover a wide variety of programming concepts that will ultimately improve your programming skills.

We run most of our programs in the Python GUI, but part way through we start creating our own programs in a separate file.

There are some differences between python 2 and python 3, keep in mind. Python 3 is a new edition of python 2, but so many people use python 2 that it is still being used and upkept today! Learning Python 3 will still help you with python 3 because most of the programming concepts stay the same.

It is very important when taking courses to take notes and pause after each video to reflect on what you’ve just learned. This series will show the code onscreen for you to practice. I recommend that you memorize all general structures for programming, such as how the if statement is set up. When you do this you will be teaching your brain in a new way (writing rather than listening) an you will be able to use it as reference when needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Beginners


  • A computer and the Python installer (free download)
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