Are you fed up with trying to decipher your notes after a meeting, brainstorming session or just when working on some research? Linear notes can sometimes look confusing and cluttered; even if you wrote them.

There are better ways to take notes for yourself and others. Notes that are easy to read. Notes that look neater, less cluttered and easy to add in sections without re-writing or making them look confusing. I have created this course to show and teach you how you can use a better way to take down notes in all situations. Maybe your taking meeting minutes; brainstorming or writing you todo list; you can use this technique for all.

Graphical note taking (ofter refered to as Mind Maps® which is a registered trademark) will improve the flow of ideas and take you in new directions. It can help improve your productivity. It can help you choose new ideas and routes while doing things such as brainstorming. You can throw in random ideas and it can help generate new ideas. Its amazing how powerful the mind can be if given the write stimulation; stimulation in easy to read and understand written notes..

This course takes you through what you need to know to use this technique. I removed all the fluff. Instead of taking too many lectures explaining the history behind and so on; I get down to the nitty gritty of the technique and then show you multiple examples of how to use this. Its a graphical note taking technique so learn by example rather than too much background.

Take this course today and use it today (not tomorrow)..

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a better way to take notes
  • Anyone who needs a better way to take notes in brainstorming
  • Anyone looking to get a better flow of ideas in sessions
  • Anyone who is fed up with trying to decipher their notes


  • No priory knowledge or requirements are needed to take this course
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