Hey my name is James from websites Made Easy and this video is all about blogging for beginners and will teach you how to be a blogger with just the most basic computer skills.

So whether you’re 8 or 88, you can create your own blog..

It’s gonna be simple and fun

Sound good?

Awesome, let’s dive in..

So why should create a blog and join the blogging community?

Before we dive in though, I really want to talk about WHY you should start a blog.

Having a big why will help you be successful in the long run.

Look blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online (don’t worry, you can make yours stand out and get noticed!).

It’s a great way to express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others.

You become a better person, sharing your perspective and experiences with others and also become a better writer.

And one of the best reasons?

You can make money doing it!

And I understand you might feel a little overwhelmed or think you won’t be able to do this and that’s natural, and believe me, you will.

And in just a few minutes, this will be your blog because I’ll be showing you every step to creating this and you can build this in one click..

Its awesome.

You’ll get the hang of it quickly and you’ll see it’s actually easy. And if you ever need to pause the video, please do have a stretch a breather and then continue with it.

It’s very quick to get this done.

So are you ready?

Grab a drink and a snack, get comfortable and let’s start creating your blog.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is specifically designed with the absolute beginner in mind! I have put together the best information I know in terms of creating a profitable WordPress blog that is setup properly to drive search engine traffic, capture leads and create new customers! Truly anyone can get started with this course, and create an amazing blog!
  • entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, trainers, Udemy instructors, digital marketing experts who are good with marketing, but with no technical experience , and anyone who wants to create a killer profitable blog


  • Nothing is required to get started except a willingness to try something new.
  • You will be learning some new concepts and when learning something new this can cause fear and overwhelm! It’s import that you are aware of this, the “start stops most people” I ask that you just be patient with yourself.
  • Honor the learning journey. Go through the videos a couple of times to learn the concepts then proceed to apply them..
  • Remember education that is not applied is useless.. I will leave you with this, a quote from Joseph Campbell “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”
  • This course requires website hosting which is the only cost.
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