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Build A Complete CMS App

Build A Complete CMS App. Dive right into Angular 5 fundamentals with this course that starts at the very beginning, and is a great resource for anyone – whether they are familiar with Angular (other versions) or not. Build A Complete CMS App. With Angular continuously gaining ground as a popular front-end framework, it is becoming an essential skill to have for developers around the world. 

The course focuses on the basics of Angular and starts at the very beginning, going over the entire framework from scratch, helping you not only understand the newest features but also everything you need from set up to deployment.

The course will start by going over the Angular 5 documentation, covering different important concepts of the framework as well as other related technologies such as Material Design, Firebase, Angular CLI, Material Icons and so on.

The latest version of Angular 5 revamps a few things from the older versions including improved build optimizer, Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support, improvements to the compiler, improved support for the decorator, Internationalized Number, Date, and Currency Pipes, improved zone speed, improved CLI and so much more!

If you not experienced with Angular or if you were fluent in Angular 2, then do not fret – this course has something for everyone from newbies to experienced Angular users.

The best part is that this course does not simply limit itself to offering you theoretical knowledge, but instead it focuses on helping you learn from practical application. Along with the instructor, you will actually build a complete Angular 5 Application using Firebase that incorporates Angular Material Design and the Google CloudFireStore.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Introduction to Angular 5 and its documentation
  • Going over crucial commands such as components, directives, pipes, services, classes, guards, interfaces, enums, etc.
  • Go over the Angular 5 documentation including forms, validation, routing & navigation, etc.
  • AngularFire Tool component
  • CloudFireStore including how to add, edit, modify and delete collections in CloudFireStore
  • Visual Studio Code Editor 
  • Angular CLI
  • Material Design & Material Icons
  • Integrating Auth Indication and Authorization
  • A Sample Technical Blog Website with Cards
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