This course teaches you Swift 4 and iOS 11 basics by building a beautiful custom camera, which is a crucial component in modern mobile apps.

Swift 4 and iOS 11 are shipped with the game-changing Core Machine Learning (Core ML) SDK which allows developers to build “smart” apps. So far, pre-trained Core ML models typically require visual inputs such as photos and videos. As such, building a beautiful custom camera to visually capture the world is the first, and crucial, step towards building such intelligent apps. You’ll master this task in this series.

Who this course is for:

  • Who know a bit of iOS programming but still don’t know how to build a complete, viable iOS app.
  • Anyone who wants to learn iOS programming.
  • Anyone who wants to turn ideas into professional apps that can serve millions of users.


  • You need a Mac, with XCode 9 installed (which is free).
  • You should know Swift 4 basic.
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