Building a Continuous Integration Pipeline with Travis CI


Bring Agile and DevOps practices from code push to production to your existing version control setup with Travis CI

Travis CI lets us automate the process of code testing, integration, delivery, and deployment, allowing us to bring DevOps and Agile principles into our code practices from push to production deployment. Fully-hosted and ready to use at only a few clicks of a button, Travis CI ties into your existing version control system and gets you ready to automate build testing and more with minimal up-front effort – gone are the days of having to supply your own testing infra!

This course gets you started with Travis CI by breaking down the primary tool used to setup the platform: the .travis.yaml file. We’ll break down this file and use its structure to learn the different build phases Travis CI takes when integrating our application. With knowledge of these phases, we can then optimize our “Travisfile” to perform a number of jobs, test against a number of parameters, work in both parallel and in stages, and deploy to as many endpoints as we need.

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