Certified Cybercop – Red Team

Certified Cybercop - Red Team


Certcop (A division of Secbay Inc.)

Secbay and its partners have provided successful training to many top-edge companies worldwide. They have successfully delivered instructor-led classroom as well as virtual-live training and certification for many industry leaders such as  DoD, DHS, US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, Unisys, ICE, BAH, Booz Allen Hamilton, Freddie Mac, Guidewell Source, Disney, Navarro, Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, NATO and many more.

Certified Cybercop – Red Team

The Certified Cybercop Red Team Certified Training is meant to turn you into a powerful Red Team expert who can defend against cyber attacks and conduct successful penetration testing to detect them. Our Red Team Training course is accredited and organized, and it includes all of the tools and strategies you’ll need to become a competent Red Team Cyber Security specialist. With the Cybercop Red Team expert training, you will learn to imitate the thought process and attitude of hackers and digital criminals in order to offensively protect sensitive IT infrastructure.

Program Objectives

1. Red Team Methodology

2. Laws, Regulations, Legal/Regulatory Compliance

3. Recruiting Red Team Members 

4. Scoping and Rules of Engagement

5. Reconnaissance (Information Gathering/Discovery/OSINT- Open-Source Intelligence)

6. Enumeration/Footprinting

7. Shell Scripting/Programming Languages

8. Web Application Pentester

9 Cloud Penetration Testing

10. Exploit Frameworks/Exploit Kits

11. Physical Security Penetration Testing

12. Social Engineering

13 Red Team Report Writing (Remediation/Action Plan)

14. Purple Team (Red Team Interface with Blue Team)

15. Wireless Networking

16 Incident Handling

17. Internet of Things

18. Mobile Device Hacking

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals, Bounty Hunters, Entry Level Red Teamers, Pentesters, Cyber Security Analysts and Incident Responders who wish to gain a solid understanding in offensive security and its usage in real world applications.


  • Basics of Security & Network, Basics OWASP Top 10, Basic Incident Response Terminologies.

Last Updated 12/2022

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