ChatGPT: Absolute guide to AI Assistants ANY Industry

ChatGPT Absolute guide to AI Assistants ANY Industry (2023)


You’re here, so you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT and how it’s going to change the world.

This course is designed for those who are interested in leveraging A.I ChatGPT in their specific domain or niche.  Whether you’re a marketer, business strategist, finance professional, teacher or student, or a creative artist – this course goes over dozens of examples on how to get the most out of ChatGPT.  Even if you’re a writer, or a tradesperson – this class can still be of great use to you.  The entire world will use this tool within a matter of months.

Chat GPT already is changing the world, and increasing the productivity of those who can best use it.  “Leverage” is the key word here, and in this course my attempt is to share as many possible forms of maximizing the output A.I can give you.  Whether that’s through your existing business or career, or you want to discover new and creative ways to increase your income – this course covers many things.

We live in a digital information Era, and ChatGPT is a way to interact with text/data that has never existed before.  ChatGPT has more signups in a month than some of the top services like Facebook had in months.

In this class, I share my mental framework for thinking about how to interact with ChatGPT A.I, as well as numerous examples that include:

  • Multiple ideas for Leveraging A.I for income generation (A.I Arbitrage Opportunities)
  • E-Commerce Tactics to Speed up your workflows
  • Leveraging A.I for creative art direction (Filmmakers, Artists, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Book Writers)
  • SEO Strategies and Advertising Strategies for all online businesses
  • How to create contracts and emails within seconds (the right way)
  • How to “Compress” and “Decompress” information selectively
  • Using A.I to create simple snippets code, to speed up your workflows (Even if you aren’t a coder!)
  • Using AI for software specific problems
  • Using AI for Writing, Using AI to correct Writing
  • Using A.I for students writing, and teachers needing to create content around courses
  • Using A.I to discover what you don’t know (Extremely useful.)
  • Using A.I to help learn languages
  • Understanding Iteration, and why ChatGPT is not Google.
  • How to follow the latest technological trends, who to follow – and knowing where to look.  If you hear things from the news, you’re already late.
  • Mixing Chat GPT with AI Text-to-Image Art Generation, using Midjourney or Stable Diffusion
  • Understanding how an A.I Chatbox works versus a search engine
  • Using Chat GPT to create personalized fitness plans
  • Using Chat GPT to deliver compelling sales pitches

If you aren’t already deep into GPT 3, this is going to be extremely exciting for you.  Embracing technological change is necessary, and this tool is as big as the printing press.  The next industrial revolution is here, are you going to fight it or embrace it?

I made this course because I’ve been telling all of my family and friends how to use this tool.  I realized most people are only scratching the surface – my goal is to help spark some ideas for you.  I have been part of OpenAI’s early beta even before this tool was in public access and have used it for multiple use cases.

Most people do not see the potential directly and think of it like google – this course is a deep dive and it will help in any industry – increase your productivity and creativity.  
Thanks for checking out the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Business Professionals
  • E-Commerce Professionals
  • Creatives (Artists, Filmmakers, Writers)
  • Freelancers (In any industry)
  • Accounting or Finance
  • Math or Physics professionals
  • Any person who wants to keep up with technology – this is literally the next Google folks.
  • Individuals looking for personal growth or development
  • If you want to reduce repetitive tasks and spend time doing more what you love – this will help.
  • Interested in improved Fitness or Health
  • Improving your own writing
  • Also: If your first language isn’t english, this tool will help immensely.


  • Nothing. Have an internet connection, PC or phone, and an email address.

Last Updated 1/2023

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