Cisco OSPF Troubleshooting Online Training

Cisco OSPF Troubleshooting Online Training


This intermediate Cisco OSPF Troubleshooting training prepares learners to identify the source of an OSPF error on a Cisco router and implement the appropriate steps to get your OSPF functionality restored.

The Open Shortest Path First protocol is a powerful and often complicated protocol. When it’s working properly, an autonomous system’s data can fly through its various nodes and routers. When it’s malfunctioning, debugging it can seem intimidating and overwhelming. The upside to OSPF is that although it’s complex and layered, it doesn’t tend to break in unexpected ways. What this Cisco OSPF Troubleshoot training will show you is how to recognize the obvious red flags that point you toward the solution. Implementing the solution might be challenging and complicated, but you can feel certain of the diagnosis and confident in your ability to implement the fix after taking this training.

For supervisors, this Cisco training can be used to onboard new network administrators, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Cisco reference resource.
This Cisco OSPF Troubleshooting training has videos that cover topics including

  • Checking Layer 2 functionality for errors
  • Validating IP addresses on a router’s interfaces
  • Verifying static and dynamic routes configuration commands
  • Establishing full neighbors between all OSPF routers
  • Resolving missing OSPF routes from routing tables

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