Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture


Cloud computing is an approach to offering IT services to customers. However, cloud computing is not a product, or a set of products, a protocol, or any single thing. So, while there are accepted descriptions and definitions of cloud computing today, it takes a broad knowledge of IT beyond networking to know whether a particular IT service is or is not worthy of being called a cloud computing service.

Cloud computing, or cloud, is an approach as to how to offer services to customers. For an IT service to be considered to be cloud computing, it should have these characteristics: It can be requested on-demand; it can dynamically scale (that is, it is elastic); it uses a pool of resources; it has a variety of network access options; and it can be measured and billed back to the user based on the amount used. Cloud computing relies on data centers that can be automated. For instance, to service requests, a cloud computing system will create virtual server instances—virtual machines (VMs)—and configure the settings on each VM to provide the requested service.

This course gives you a general idea of the cloud services and network architecture. To do that, this course begins with a discussion of server virtualization basics. The next section then discusses the big ideas in cloud computing, with the final section discussing the impact of public clouds on packet flows in enterprise networks.

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  • Network Fundamentals

Last Updated 10/2022

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