C-SHARP (C#) is a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language developed

by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework. C# is widely used for building mobile applications,

games and windows applications.

C# is an object-oriented programming language. In Object-Oriented Programming methodology,

a program consists of various objects that interact with each other by means of actions. The actions that an object may take are called methods. Objects of the same kind are said to have the

same type or, are said to be in the same class.

A C# program consists of the following parts −

  • Namespace declaration
  • A class
  • Class methods
  • Class attributes
  • A Main method
  • Statements and Expressions
  • Comment

What You Will Learn :

  • Setup C# Development  Environment
  • Create a Windows Form Application
  • Create an ASP.NET Application
  • Create a Console Application
  • Create your own Web Browser with C#
  • Create a Digital Clock

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to C#


  • A Computer and Internet Access Required
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