The command line is a quick, powerful, text-based interface developers use to more effectively and efficiently communicate with computers to accomplish a wider set of tasks.

Command-line interface(CLI), is a text-based application for giving commands, viewing, handling, and manipulating files on your computer.

Command-line interface comes built in for free in most operating systems. It is known as the  following in different operating systems:

Command Prompt (Windows)

Terminal  (Mac Os)

Terminal or Terminal Emulator (Linux based systems )

Knowing how to use the command line interface is a useful skill to have when working with computers  particularly if you plan to learn how to write computer programs or become a developer or programmer.

This course will teach you some basic and commonly used commands on the command line interface.

What You will learn :

  • How to open the command line
  • The prompt
  • How to display current user
  • How to display computer name
  • How to display current working directory
  • How to list files and directory
  • How to change directory
  • How to create a directory
  • How to create a file
  • How to copy a file
  • How to move a file
  • How to delete a file

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners to command line interface


  • A computer running Ubuntu or some other version of Linux, Windows, MacOS
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