Founded by two recent Cambridge graduates, Westbound Maths Courses are designed for Exam Preparation and Grade Improvement with proven results- 88% of our past students improved their final grades by at least one band from predicted grades!

In designing the course, we leveraged our own student experiences of undergoing primary and secondary education in China, together with A-level and higher educations in the U.K. to bring you the best of both systems. The British education focuses on understanding of the curriculum which serves as a foundation to everything that follows- that’s why we always start with key concepts and learning points for each class. The Chinese education emphasizes the importance of Practice makes Perfect – we benefited from this approach, so we carried it through to our course whereby ample exam-styled questions would be covered from day 1 to help students get into the exam mindset.

Who this course is for:

  • Students in their final years of A- Level Mathematics studies
  • GCSE/AS- Level Mathematics students who want to study ahead


  • The course is ideal for students in their final year of A- Level Mathematics studies to prepare for exams and achieve better grades.
  • Students in their AS/GCSE levels wanting to challenge themselves by studying ahead can also use this course.
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