In this course, we will be covering all the base concepts of NodeJS, ExpressJS along with MongoDB like:

  1. Installation of ExpressJS
  2. Type of routes, and implementation
  3. How to deal with request and response
  4. What is MongoDB and how can we connect it to our ExpressJS Server
  5. APIs creation using ExpressJS and MongoDB
  6. How to deal with an error handling
  7. How to play with validations in ExpressJS
  8. How to play with password encryptions (storing, verifying)
  9. How to deal with JSON web token in ExpressJS
  10. How to add JSON web token verification on protected routes using Middleware
  11. How to perform authentication along with JSON web token

This course will not just cover basic topics but we will be learning some advanced topics as well of ExpressJS.

After the completion of this course, you can easily be able to work on ExpressJS and MongoDB, this is my promise.

Who this course is for:

  • Javascript developers curious about backend javascript frameworks


  • Basic Javascript
  • Understanding of how database works
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