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In this course, students will learn how to use Python as real-world problems solving tool and we will go through all those important libraries of Python which every python beginner should know. From Image Processing to Audio Analysis, from Data Extraction to Data Visualization & from Web Scraping to Network Programming, students will learn each & every important concept which will let students become full-stack Python Developers.

  1. First of all, we will start from Pillow which is an image processing library, and with the help of this library students will learn how to play with images in Python.
  2. After this, we will learn our favorite library and that’s Numpy which will allow us to work with arrays and numeric operations in Python.
  3. And for data visualization, we will learn Matplotlib which is simple and easy to use.
  4. For storing purposes, we will use Google Firebase with the help of the Python Pyrebase library which will allow us to add storage, database, and authentication features in our python apps.
  5. Nowadays audios are a very sophisticated way of data sharing and to process and analyze audio files, we will use the Pydub library.
  6. After learning all these things, every python beginner should also know about Networking as well and for Network Programming in Python, we will use a very well-known python library and that is Sockets.
  7. For finding different types of patterns for data extraction, we will learn Python regex or Re module.
  8. For text mining & text processing, we will learn Python’s easiest library and that is Textblob.
  9. Finally, students need to know about Web Scraping and for this purpose, we will use the BeautifulSoup library.

We will also update this course from time to time by adding more material regarding Python Development in order to keep students up-to-date for python development.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developer who wants to use Python as a Problem Solving Tool for Real-world Problems.
  • Python Developer who wants to become a Python Freelancer.
  • Py-Developer who wants to learn important Python Libraries.


  • Students must have some Basic Python Programming Skills.

Last Updated 12/2021

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