In this course I go over the process of how to create a blog with WordPress. I tried to make it beginner friendly and cover the basics of how to create a blog in about 1 hour. In it I use lots of free tools such as a free theme, free builder, and a free template plugin to speed up the overall design process. The only costs associated with creating a blog like this are web hosting and our domain name. Each of these are required to have any website live and on the internet.

I also cover the basics of how to setup a post in WordPress. I go over adding featured images and where you can find free to use ones. I also show how to add blocks for design purposes and edit text as well as add links to our blog. In the end I hope you are really happy with the final result and create a blog that you’re proud of!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals wanting to creating a blog
  • Individuals wanting to learn how to make a website with a blog


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • We purchase a domain name and hosting in this course
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