Create Automation Tool Using Ansible, Shell – Linux

Create Automation Tool Using Ansible, Shell - Linux


By the end of the course you will:

  •     Be able to confidently to create your own Automation tool to increase your productivity and Career.
  •     Be able to start automating various day to day Unix related tasks to reduce the manual efforts.

Course Overview

  • Overview of Automation Tool
  • Concept of Automation Tool
  • Communication between Ansible Server with managed hosts
  • Front look of Automation Tool
  • What we are achieving from this Automation tool.
  • Pre-validation Configuration (To capture pre-change configuration details)
  • User Administration

       1. User Creation
       2. User Removal
       3. Group Add
       4. Password Reset

  • Run Ad Hoc Command
  • Health Check Statistics

      1. Memory Utilization
      2. CPU Utilization
      3. Overall I/O Activities
      4. Reports run queue and load average
      5. Top Memory Consuming processes
      6. Top CPU Consuming Processes
      7. Shared Memory

  • Design of Automation Tool
  • Design Front Look using case statement
  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -1
  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -2
  • Color Fonts in desinging the tool
  • Headline & Selecting the target servers
  • Lab sessions
  • Shell Scripting

      1. If..else..elif statement
      2. Loops
      3. Sed – Stream Editot
      4. Awk

  • The case esac statement
  • Overview of Ansible

Who this course is for:

  • Graduate Students and also for those who are in job in System Administration & wants to get hands-on practical experience on developing a Automation tool
  • IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essential automation tasks in their organization.


  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection
  • Basic Ansible, Shell Scripting is required and also system administrator experience would be very beneficial.

Last Updated 11/2018

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