Many people fear for creating their own web application, considering all the technologies required massive. It used to be. Most of the technologies are still required, but you you can learn them within a couple of hours. Even the sql and php code used in this series of videos are close to natural language. After following the videos, you will be a lot more confident that, yes, I can create my own web applications.

This series show you how to 1) create a cloud server, 2) config firewalls, 3) create a web server and a database server, 4) create a CMS system, 5) create a professional website, 6) create (program) customized functions without digging into the huge amount of system codes. All of these, you can learn within a couple of hours!  This series contains 5 videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to develop a website or web application, and found difficult to fit in their customized requirement. Either build from scratch (too costly in term of effort), or too difficult to find exactly the product on the market. Or if you are a student who is struggling with their assignments, don’t pay a few hundreds of dollars looking for someone to work a project for you. Your professor can easily check out. You can learn it in a couple of hours, and customize perfectly for submission. Most of the functions are available nowadays, but you will need to be able to customize or build the few functions that are not included in the existing plugins.


  • If you are working on a project, or a student assignment, for example creating a web based database application, it provides you a systematic yet easy to follow approach. If you are not familiar with sql or php, no worries. The code used are very close to natural language and easy to follow. You may find programming is not that hard. It was a lot harder 10, 20 years ago.
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