Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell

Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell


Azure virtual machines provide a fully configurable and flexible computing environment. This course will teach you how to perform the most common day-to-day tasks in Azure PowerShell, including:

  • Installing and Configuring PowerShellGet
  • Installing and Configuring the AzureRM PowerShell Module
  • Connecting to Azure with PowerShell
  • Creating Resource Groups with PowerShell
  • Deploying Virtual Machines Using PowerShell
  • Connecting to Virtual Machines Using PowerShell
  • Creating and Attaching Data Disks with PowerShell
  • Locating New VM Images with PowerShell
  • Deploying VMs from Alternate Images Using PowerShell
  • Working with Marketplace Publishers
  • Resizing a Virtual Machine via PowerShell
  • Viewing and Modifying VM States with PowerShell
  • Managing Virtual Machines with PowerShell
  • Deleting VMs and Resource Groups with PowerShell

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to perform many day-to-day VM management tasks using PowerShell exclusively.  The skills you learn in this course will set you apart from many other IT professionals – since most IT professionals avoid PowerShell like the plague.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals Interested in Learning Real-World Azure PowerShell Skills


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure
  • Basic Understanding of How to Launch PowerShell

Last Updated 7/2018

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