This course will teach you how can you create profits for your business, organization, or company. This is one of the main objectives of all the businesses around the globe, to create profits!

This course is unique in a sense that it will teach you how to do that by taking you through a very impressive model of marketing, called, The Marketing Process Model. It is a five-stage model that will first help you acquire the knowledge of customer needs, wants, and demands. Once you understand customer needs and wants, only then you being a company would be able to satisfy your customers.

Being a business, you also need to create those marketing strategies that provide value to the customers. In this course, you will find lectures on customer value-driven marketing strategies and related topics. Further, you can not target the customers properly and create value for them, if you don’t know about an integrated marketing program. Luckily, you will find a lecture on Integrated Marketing Program too, which you can apply in your own businesses, organizations, and companies.

Lastly, after mastering the steps and stages explained above, you will be prepared, through this course, to engage customers and build profitable relationships with them. This, in turn, will generate PROFITS for your organization.

Who this course is for:

  • Business Administration students
  • Business Administration Lecturers/ Teachers
  • Business owners who want to learning the marketing process to generate Profit
  • Employees working in the marketing department


  • You are ready for the course
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