Creative Coding

Creative Coding


Motion, timings and easings: you’ll learn these techniques to create animation toys using Two.js, a Javascript tool for creating and manipulating shapes.

In this exclusive course, SuperHi have partnered up with the incredibly talented Futurefabric to design and produce a course all about creative motion with coding.

This course, aimed at beginners, will teach you how to work with motion, timings, easings and shapes to create animation toys. We’ll dive into Two.js, a Javascript tool for creating and manipulating shapes to design your own fun animations.

What you’ll learn

  • How to think about animation toys from a non-code, motion-based standpoint
  • Working with Two.js within an in-browser canvas, even if you’ve never coded before
  • How to manage and manipulate multiple shapes using code
  • How to manage a timeline of events and loop over your animation toy
  • How to work with easings and delays to make our animations feel more natural
  • How to think about self-initiated projects from an animation and motion point of view


  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create animation toys and use motion in their projects.
  • This is a beginner course with no requirements apart from being comfortable using a computer. If you use programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop without trouble, you’re good to go.
  • While this course covers Javascript, you don’t need any prior knowledge of Javascript at all to start.


  • A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!

Direct Download

Creative (771.8 MB) | Mirror

Torrent Download

Creative Coding.torrent (44 KB) | Mirror

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