Cyber Security – Basic Essential Skills – 2020

Part -1 | Practice Papers for Enriching Knowledge, Clearing Interviews and Examinations by Prithveesh K.


Basics of Cyber Security in Topic wise Practice Papers for Enriching Knowledge, Clearing Interviews and Examinations.

What you will benefit after Practice Tests of “Cyber Security – Basic Essential Skills – 2020“:

  • Focus on Definition and Key terms and concepts in the field of Cyber Security.
  • Identify and distinguish Cyber threats and protection.
  • Able to Learn Concepts Topic wise and enrich your Knowledge in the field you are looking for.
  • Explore the Cyber risk management.
  • Understand the concept by answering basic questions.
  • Topics Covered in Part – 1: Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities:
    1. Social Engineering Attacks
    2. Cryptography Basics and Attacks
    3. Application or Service Attacks
    4. Wireless Techniques and Attacks
    5. Threat Actor Types and Vulnerability Scanning Concepts
    6. Types of Vulnerabilities and Penetration Testing Concepts

Who this Course is for???

  • One who is curious about Cyber Security and Information Security.
  • One who is attempting an interview or security examinations/certifications like CompTIA Sec+ or CEH.
  • One who wants to enrich knowledge in the field of Cyber Security.
  • One who wants to and is pursuing the career in all the Security/Network related domains.

Please note:¬†Attempting these Practice tests does not ensure you pass the examinations or clear your interview, this course is mainly created to know your weak areas, so that you could enhance it. This Course is not sponsored by any Company nor any Certification body. This is purely built from the Knowledge and experience that the group of Authors’ have.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners starting the career in Cyber Security, Information Security, Security Analyst positions.
  • Career Starters who wants to posses Good postion in the area of Cyber Security.
  • Applying for certifications like CEH, CompTIA Security+, NSA or equivalent ones.
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