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DevOps has revolutionized the way software development works by bridging the gap between the development and operations, making the transition of the product from one stage to another more seamless.

While software development required weeks, months, and in some cases even years to go through multiple processes of coding, testing, deployment, bug fixes, making each stage harder and harder for developers. DevOps makes it much easier and faster by breaking down the code into smaller segments and allows a more efficient process of coding and testing by automating entire processes.

This process was further improved by the introduction of AWS, which allows an entire environment that allowed better collaboration between the team. AWS also offers some amazing built-in tools that help make things much better.

This is why currently AWS architects are one of the most sought after developers. However, it might not always be easy to grasp the difficult concepts of DevOops on AWS. This is why we have designed this easy to master AWS course!

This course has been designed to help developers master DevOps on AWS by breaking down the process of DevOps, AWS, and other tools and functions that you will need to become a more efficient developer.

The course will focus on helping you understand the importance of DevOps, as well as background information, before moving on to help you breakdown cloud computing and the AWS Platform. Everything that you need to become a DevOps developer, is packed in this course.

At the end of this course, you will not only learn the theoretical aspects of DevOps, but also practical applications as you will build an entire project along with the instructor. This project will also help you learn basic web application tools like Ansible; as well as complex AWS tools such as CloudFormation, CodeDeploy and CodePipline.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • What is DevOps, why it is trending and how it came into existence
  • Introduction to cloud computing and how to benefit from the AWS cloud platform
  • Building a very basic web application on the cloud, utilizing tools like Ansible and Jenkins
  • Learn how to use AWS tools such as CloudFormation, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline
  • How to actually deploy apps on AWS instances automatically and also achieve continuous integration using DevOps and AWS tools


  • The course requires basic programming knowledge to complete the projects
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