Django DRF Project: eCommerce

Django DRF Project eCommerce


Developing applications can be a fun and effective way of learning a language and framework. In this course, at phase 1, we start building and testing an eCommerce inventory RESTful API with DRF (Django Rest Framework).

This course is primarily designed for anyone looking for a learning journey building applications with the Django Rest Framework, developing, testing and documenting a RESTful API.

Currently, this course presents our first iteration of this course and phase 1 of the development process. This course will evolve and extend over time as we iterate on the content to maximise learning opportunities.

As presented in phase 1 of the course, we initiate the project and start building and testing the core functionality of the RESTful API application. In Phase 1, we learn the fundamentals of the Python Django Rest Framework, design a database, implement testing throughout the application and work towards building our first endpoints while also automatically documenting our efforts. By the end of phase 1, you will have learnt how to start a new Django DRF project and create routers, serializers and viewsets to enable clients to interact with your API. Throughout the development process, we learn how to test our application using Pytest and document our endpoints in preparation for front-end development using SwaggerUI.

We intend to extend the content of the course to eventually include deeper relevant content to aid further your understanding of the development process and techniques, deployment, and other associated technologies. Due to the scale of our courses we hope to bring to you our approach to building courses is a phased, iterative approach. Having time to reflect, analyse and seek feedback is essential to ensure that we develop courses that will ultimately meet the highest expectations.

I hope you enjoy the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts new to Django or the Django Rest Framework
  • Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts looking to learn the Django Rest Framework


  • No Prior experience needed but would be advantageous
  • Knowledge of relational database principles would be advantageous
  • Having a computer would definitely be advantageous

Last Updated 1/2023

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