Learn the fundamentals of Diodes and take the first leap to the world of Electronics.This course will be very helpful for students with great interest towards science and especially electronics.Finally ,the course is so designed that if anyone goes from lecture 1 to last lecture the entire subject can be thoroughly understood easily.So lets have a highlight of the entire course quickly-

  • Understand the fundamentals of P-N Junction Semiconductor diode.In this lecture we will understand the Diode from Solid State approach,that is we will learn what actually happens inside the Diode under different circumstances.
  • Properties of P-N Junction Semiconductor diode (Concept of Energy Band Diagram,Depletion Width,Electric Field at the junction etc).
  • V-I Characteristics of Diode.
  • Understand Diode function Generator & Diode Transfer-function Generator.
  • Understand Diode properties under forward biased condition.Diode properties under reverse biased condition.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for those who love electronics and love to explore the world of electronics


  • Basic knowledge of science,High school mathematics
  • Fundamental ideas of current, voltage and electric field
  • Knowledge of Semiconductor Physics,Complete idea regarding Drift current,Diffusion current,Diffusion approximation and Injection level in Semiconductor
  • Knowledge of Semiconductor Continuity Equation,Fermi Level
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