After teaching more than 10,000 English lessons, I developed a quick and easy way for YOU to become a master of new English vocabulary and phrases, by building your English-speaking muscles with lots of back-and-forth speed drills and creative role-play situations.

And unlike many ESL courses, where you’re studying by yourself, this course is specifically designed for 2 students.

So you always have a study partner… for more fun during our role play… and more support… to help you achieve your English-speaking goals.

This is the perfect course for anyone who knows how to read and write English but struggles with speaking confidence… or anyone who has an upcoming trip to America.

So join me, and, by the time you go through this course, you and your study partner are going to be able to speak English with confidence, so you can:

1. Get help finding your way through the airport…

2. Decide on what restaurant you want to go to… and invite friends to join you…

3. Go shopping with ease…

4. And know what to say when you run into friends…

Looking forward to working with you to build an active community of engaged English speakers, and international travelers.

Who this course is for:

  • This course focuses on helping you make friends, so it’s really for anyone planning to travel, study or live abroad.


  • This course is for beginning ESL students
  • This course uses a lot of role plays. So you’ll need a study partner.
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