With Java’s 6-monthly release schedule, new features are coming every 6 months now. Considering the post-COVID scenarios and job market, it has become necessary for candidates to learn new features and make an impression in the Java Technical interviews. If you have attended Java interviews, you must have noticed that the interviewer definitely asks for the new features of Java. This actually shows the candidate’s mindset for learning and makes a great impression.

This course would be a one-stop solution to learn new features of Java. You will not have to google for the new features anymore. In this course, I will cover –

  1. Important pre-Java 14 features (Still to be added) – Modularity, Local Variable Type Inference, and new HttpClient.
  2. Java 14 new features
  3. Post Java 14 features as and when announced (Next release would be Java 15 in September 2020)

I would suggest you learn by doing. Along with the tutorials, you should practice the code. I have attached the coding examples with the tutorials if you want to take any references. After finishing these tutorials, you should use Java 14 in your real-life projects. It will make a good impression on your teammates and code reviewers. You will stand out from your teammates

If you are a Java programmer and learning new features excites you, then I am super excited to take you on board for this course.

Course Overview:

This course begins by introducing the changes introduced by Oracle since Java 9 about 6 months release cadence and Long Term Support. After that, I have demonstrated the installation of Java 14 and corresponding changes in IntelliJ IDE. Then I have added the new features introduced in JDK 14 release –¬†Helpful NullPointerExceptions, Pattern Matching for InstanceOf, Records, Switch Expressions, Text Blocks, detailed explanation on Flight Recorder and Event Streaming with Flight Recorder. Lastly, we have covered¬†Garbage Collection improvements.

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers both Beginner and Experienced who want to learn new features
  • Students which started learning Java and wants to widen their knowledge
  • Java Developers/Students who are excited and enthusiastic about new features of Java
  • Developers preparing for Java Technical Interviews
  • Developers/Students who want to apply new features in their day to day coding


  • Basics of Java Programming Language
  • Positive Mindset and Enthusiasm to Lean new features
  • Knowledge about any IDE – Eclipse or IntelliJ, with which you can try out these features
  • JDK installation in your PC, I have created one video to install JDK 14 also
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