Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch

About this Course

Our course on PHP-MYSQL will provide quick and focused training in PHP and MySQL which are arguably the most popular web development tool out there. You will start with basic PHP and will follow it up with a comprehensive training in MySQL. You will also build a complete web application from scratch using the concepts learned in this course.

Like all our other courses we have kept the content fun and we are sure it will be a enjoyable learning experience for you. So why wait be the expert web developer you always wanted to be!!

Our course is one of the best online resource to Become A Certified PHP Developer. If you are a beginner or a well established industry professional our multiproject online video lesson will introduce you to all the core concepts of PHP Development along with database design with MySQL in an easy and interactive way.


  • English
  • Over 17 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!• Master PHP programming Language• Learn MySQL database• Learn to use PHP-MYSQL to create dynamic websites and web    apps• Learn best development practices
  • Any one who wants to learn web programming in PHP-MYSQL
  • Any PC/Mac with an internet connection.
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