Go Developer Bootcamp

Go Developer Bootcamp


Who’s the Bootcamp for?

Experienced Developers trying to switch to Go. Learn the language of the future. Your time is valuable (literally, $149,510/yr). Learn Go FAST with the Bootcamp, instead of digging through low-quality resources.

Students/Graduates looking for a job. Tons of jobs in Go. Get access to a community that can help you land your first job. Go is a great resume builder. Stand out from other candidates.

And… YOU! Go enthusiasts. Go is what the cool kids use now. Cutting-edge technologies are now built in Go & built better in Go. Collaborate with other Go enthusiasts in the Bootcamp community.

Last Updated 12/2022

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Go Developer Bootcamp.zip (1.8 GB) | Mirror

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Go Developer Bootcamp.torrent (87 KB) | Mirror

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