In this course you’re going to learn about Grafana version 6. This is also the latest version currently available in the market.

We will discuss in detail on below topics:

  1. Grafana overview
  2. Installing Grafana on Linux and Windows operating System understanding default configuration
  3. Managing Grafana Services such as Service Start/Stop/Restart
  4. Changing default Grafana configuration such as ports or application database.
  5. Learning to Uninstall Grafana
  6. Upgrading From Grafana Version 6 to Latest Version 7
  7. Understanding Grafana User Interface in Detail
  8. Connecting Grafana to MySQL To create Dashboards/Visualizations
  9. Installing and Configuring InfluxDB and Telegraf
  10. Connecting Grafana to InfluxDB to create Visualizations
  11. Creating Thresholds in Grafana
  12. Creating Different Graphs such as Graph/Bar/Stats/Gauge etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Scientists
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developers


  • Willingness to Learn New Technologies
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