Are you a native speaker of English but foreigners find your English difficult to understand?

Do the people you work with say they understand you when they clearly don’t?

Do you feel you and your non-native colleagues are on a completely different wavelength?

Then this course is for you. 

In this course, we 

  • Highlight the reasons why native speakers of English have problems communicating effectively with coworkers and customers who are from a different culture. 
  • Help you to understand intercultural dynamics and how to deal with them constructively while, at the same time, respecting other cultures.
  • Look at why two people can have a completely different interpretation of the same sentence.
  • Discover that even native speakers from different countries don’t understand each other!
  • Discuss the need for both sides of the conversation to speak “better” English.

Once we have identified the issues that interfere with intercultural communication, we focus on the simple but effective solutions you can implement. 

Solutions such as:

  • Accent reduction (for native speakers!!)
  • Grading your language
  • Concept checking

So, if you are a native speaker of English and need help because your colleagues or customers don’t understand your English, check out this course now. 

Who this course is for:

  • Native speakers of English working with foreigners, either abroad or in their own country, who are having communication problems that affect their business.
  • People who work with English native speakers and need help to understand why there are communication problems.
  • HR professionals who need help to resolve intercultural communication issues.


  • Technical requirements are just a device to access the course.
  • You need to be open to personal development in the area of intercultural communication.
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