You’re in the right place. You can learn through this course how to start, build and implement successful project strategy. You will get advice how to measure and follow-up your project strategy. This will certainly make your current or coming project successful from the beginning.

This course will help you

1. Understand project strategy principles

2. Start your project strategy from zero, linked to enterprise expectation

3. Build successful project strategy according to planned objectives

4. Implement planned and selected strategy into practice

5. Measure your success, recognize problems before failure

6. Avoid mistakes from start until end.

Have you had problems in your project scope, schedule or budget? Have you ever thought there could be better ways to success in projects? Enroll this course to learn more, be more successful and take your projects into next level.

It’s important to understand both enterprise and project KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how they link to each other for expected outcomes. Project management is a function which will glue together many departments, teams and people for desired outcome. To make your project successful it needs to be strategic.

This course is designed for beginners and more advance project managers or project members. It will also help stakeholders like sponsors to understand how projects fail or success. You can take tips and tricks from this course into your toolbox and create a success! Enroll today!

Who this course is for:

  • Project team members
  • Project managers
  • Project sponsors/other stakeholders


  • Interest to learn about project strategy
  • Basic or intermediate project management understanding
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