If you are interested in building your own startup or just interested in learning about startup for future entrepreneurial journey, this course is for you. I have personally built startup that is generating substantial income and currently scaling the business to make it to the next level and in this course, I’m sharing everything that I have learned so far from building the startup and how you can build one to make a positive impact on people’s lives or businesses.

What you will learn in this course will be as follows;

1. Six Lessons from building startup experience

2. How to come up with Startup Idea

3. How to validate your idea with end users

4. How to implement your idea through outsourcing

5. How to market your product

6. How to scale your business

7. How to pitch to raise fund for your startup.

Please note, we will not discuss much about the Silicon Valley Unicorns stories in this course as many people already know how they have become successful, their mind-blowing valuation, etc. Instead, we will be discussing how to execute effective actions along the way to ultimately become successful.

Although this course is mainly focused on Technology Startup, the lessons can be applied into any business that entrepreneurs may come across as the techniques may be more or less the same which is to build great product/services and market them to the people.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build startup
  • Entrepreneurs who are trying to scale the business
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to come up with startup ideas, implement, market, scale and exit


  • Be able to understand English
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