This course is everything you need to launch your first podcast and take advantage of this exciting new medium.

You’ll learn everything from how to come up with the perfect podcast idea to how to edit your episodes using free software options. This course is “beginner-friendly” so you can confidently create a great sounding podcast without breaking the bank.

Kate Laughed When I Told Her She’ll Start Her Podcast in 7 Days using her smartphone — But When Sam Launched His Own Show She Begged Me For the Secret!

Kate is a sit-on-the-spot doubtful prospect who asked me if she can also start a podcast with just her phone. Sam is an action-taker. Just after learning what you’re about to learn in this course, Sam is on his way to his 50th podcast episode.

This course will help you:

  • Decide what topic you should focus on, and use that clarity to set the entire trajectory of your podcast
  • Discover your “marketable niche” — even if you have been told, “this thing cannot sell”
  • Publish your first episode and impact at least 100 listeners in 7 Days — start with one, two, then three; multiply your impact up as you go.

It’s True: You Really Can Start Your Podcast in 7 Days And Start Influencing Hundreds of People. Here’s How…

My friend….

It took me 3 years of fumbling around before I could put these pieces together the right way, but others just like Sam that I’ve personally taught now have their podcasts up and running, fully functioning in as little time as 7 days. Plus they did it all without any special equipment or heavy gadgets when they started.

Welcome to How to Launch Your Podcast in 7 Days Using Your Smartphone. I am Dayo Samuel, founder of one of the largest niche podcast communities and I am here to show you the exact steps you need to take to get your first podcast up within the next 7 Days even with just your smartphone.

I get it. You have doubts…. “Dayo, am I sure I can get a podcast up in 7 days?”

Here’s my answer:

While I can’t take responsibility for your inaction, if you follow everything I will be sharing with you in this course, if you don’t have a podcast up within the next 7 days, then I will need to pick you up, dip your head in the swimming pool, and allow you take a few gulps of dirty water.

Now you get me, right?

If you can read this page right now, that tells me you have some intelligence, you’re smart, and you can launch your podcast and start influencing hundreds of people right away. 

Let me ask you: Do you know how to click the “MENU” button on your phone?

Great! That also tells me you can do everything I tell you to do in this course, so you can launch your own podcast in as simple way as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Podcast enthusiasts
  • Anyone who ready to start a podcast
  • No previous experience with Podcasting is required
  • If you have ever wondered how to create a Podcast, this course will show you fun, easy ways to Podcast using your smartphone
  • A great fit for Udemy instructors who want to go into podcasting


  • You should have a basic understanding of how to use mobile apps, use the internet, how to find web sites, send email, fill out forms
  • Any smartphone, which could be either of Android, Blackberry or iPhone
  • A strong desire to learn how to start a podcast
  • You will only use free apps or max $10
  • All instructions are done on a Android phone. If you have a iPhone, alternative option is already included.
  • Most instructions in this course about podcasting use PC. Instructions on editing audios may differ when on Mac.
  • It is very helpful to in helping you select the topic you want to podcast on. This course dives into how to pick a topic/niche for your show.
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