HTML CSS – build a blog page, YouTube card, card, complex table and a complete landing page.

You can start your new career in web design today by learning HTML & CSS with the expert secrets most tutors are hiding from you. After helping many beginner web designers to solve many of their challenges, I have realized many of them learnt with tutorials or courses that over complicate everything because they want to cram all possible HTML and CSS tags, properties and values into their head and this act has resulted in students being confused or students not knowing how to go about solving their web design challenges when they are stuck.

These tutors, in reality, know that nobody — no matter your level of expertise, you can’t remember all of these tags, properties, values and usages off hand, yet they still –unknowingly deceive web design (html and css) learners into trying to memorize or know everything off hand which slows down their learning or career progress.

Most of these web design tutors (including popular tutors) are unable to teach students the fundamental they need to be unstoppable because they waste a lot of time trying to teach tags, property and values many of which are constantly updated.

And the hope of many students or learners to start a career in web design is shattered because they are stuck or confused and they cannot continue with the tutorials or courses they have at hand.

Don’t be stuck; be unstoppable.

You don’t have to be stuck and slow down your learning and career progress in HTML & CSS (web design) in the process as a result of tutors’ fault. That is why this course —HTML CSS – build responsive websites with 5 projects — is launched to help you and others who want to launch a career in web design by learning HTML and CSS to be unstoppable.

This “HTML CSS – build responsive websites with 5 projects” course addresses three major strong points:

1. How to think and design web pages by example

2. How to be unstoppable by HTML and CSS (web design) challenges. That is, the course teaches how to go about solving HTML & CSS (web design ) challenges most beginner web designers always face.

3. How to easily updated your knowledge independent of any tutor.

These are the basic qualities every software developers or any problem solvers on Earth should have. This course is design specifically to equip you with those qualities easily.

You don’t need a computer science degree or expensive software. All you need is a computer, a bit of time and this course  “HTML CSS – build responsive websites with 5 projects” . Many tutors are proud to have taught a lot of people HTML and CSS, but I am proud to have taught a lot of people HTML and CSS and how they can go beyond all have taught them. That is important in the tech industry in the real world because things are changing very rapidly and those who can learn fast and those who are unstoppable win.

You cannot stop a winner.

This course does not assume any prior experience. We go back to the absolute beginning and teach you everything by example. By the end of the course you will have created five websites/webpages and acquire experts secrets directly or indirectly to prepare you for the real world.

By example, this course will guide you to build several mini-websites from scratch with the two most Important languages for web design and you will learn everything quickly and easily.

Below is an introduction to all that you will learn in the course:

  • HTML5  and its features
  • HTML5 tags structures
  • HTML5 tag attributes
  • HTML5 Parent/Child Structure
  • HTML tags example
  • CSS3 and its features
  • CSS3 selectors and their uses
  • CSS properties and their values
  • Experts secretes
  • Visual studio code setup and folder creation and stucture
  • First project (blog page) with html and css
  • Second project (card) with html & css
  • Third project (YouTube card) with html and css
  • Fourth project ( simple and complex tables) with html & css
  • Fifth project (a complete landing page) with css and html
  • And many more.

I don’t want to bore you will too much information here as you will experience everything first hand in the course through practice.

So, do you still want to learn web design using html5 and CSS3?

Do you want to be unstoppable and a winner?

Join this course course now or do nothing to remain the same.

You are the only one that can stop yourself from the progress you are seeking at this point in time.

What are you waiting for?

Join now; I am waiting for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build any “professional” websites on the internet without supervision
  • Anyone who wants to know the secrets experts use to solve web design issues that get the stuck
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to update their web design skills by themselves
  • Experience software developers that want to upskill their HTML and CSS skills without stress
  • Anyone who wants to learn HTML and CSS by example and build projects along the line.


  • You only need a computer. Don’t worry! You computer is okay.
  • No prerequisite knowledge required
  • No paid software is needed
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